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The employees of Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service Center met farmers


On 21the of May the Consultants of Khelvachauri Informacional Consultative Service Center met the farmers in the village Tkhilnari and introduced the development perspectives of animal husbandry,  fruit and vegetable culture and  to  improve the bee-keeping in the region. The discussion also touched upon the issue of making Agro-making ways  and Agricultural Card . The Consultants were at the firt time in this village  that’s why  the meeting  was mainly introductory  with them.

Consultants of Keda Informational-Consultative Service Center meet the farmers


The employees of Keda Informational-Consultative Center met the farmers in the village Dologan and provided them with information about the programs which are planned by the Ministry of Agriculture. The farmers expressed particular satisfaction about the program “Providing Support to Farmers with Vegetables Elite Planting Material”. It should be noted that, 460 seedlings were purchased by them within the frame of the program. The farmers made the initiative to restore the tea plantation in the region in order to get new incoming source from them. From...

The Contest In Agro Service Center has finished


Results of the interview in Agro Service Center has known. In Informacional-Consultative Centers  appropriate  10 candidates for vacant positions have been selected. Interview that "Agro Service Center" held the morning of May 17, the candidates  checked in with professional knowledge. A special commission, headed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Avtandil Meskhidze were composed by the  Ministry of Agriculture and "Agro Service Centre".Candidates are judged independently by the members of the interview committee. Competition...



The second phase in Agro Service Center Informational-Consultative Service Center has been completed


For job application  from the second stage of the competition in Informational-Consultative Service Centre  had been  passed only by 22aplicants. Special commission led by Deputy of Minister of Agriculture Bejan Meskhidze. The next stage of the competition and the    interview will be held on April 17, at 10 am in  the Agro Service Centre.  

Khelvachauri Informacional-Consultative Service Center visited in the villages Maradidi and Kirnati


Agro-making loans and facilities are among the key issues that Khelvachauri informational-Consultative  Service  Center talked about to the residents of the village of Maradidi and Kirnati today. In addition, the population was provided by  sub-programs targeted at agriculture. Besides, in Maradidi and Kirnati mainly fruit growing and bee-keeping  are developed. Accordingly, the attention is paid to agriculture programs in these areas.

Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center met the inhebitants of Boni-Gorodoki.


The meeting was mainly introductionaly. The specialists of Informacional-Consultative Service Center introduced  the already  planned programs by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara to them.  Special attention and interest expressed  the residents of the District of the Ministry of Agriculture program the "elite planting materials for farmers with vegetables Promotion”. The meeting was attended by the Bonn-Gorodoki district attorney and the district administration offices.

Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center meeting with the inhabitants


The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center met the residents of Tamari district in Batumi. The meeting was attended by  Tamari district attorney and local administration  officials. The consultants   talked to them about already planned and target programs by the Ministry of Agriculture. The   special interest was expressed by the population about vegetable and elite planting materials. The population was provided with specific recommendations by the consultants.






The Consultants of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center met the Mtsvane Kontskhi inhabitants


The next meeting was held by the Consultants of Agro Service Center with the inhabitants of Mtsvane Kontskhi. The meeting was attended by representatives of district and local farmers.  Informational-Consultative Service Center introduced the local farmers the functions, informed  about  all projects which are provided  by the Ministry of Agriculture and promised to help in  active involvement in the projects The Consultants will consult the population,  as mentioned above, the staff of the regional office of innovation and advanced...

Soil clean-up work at the Gvara - Khutsubani


At the territory of  Gvara-Khutsubani fruit and vine nursery,  Agro Service Center made  soil cleaning-up work. The territory has been cleaned from   the the roots of trees and shrubs  of the tea bushes.  The  Ministry  of Agriculture and the Consultants of Agro Service Center  participated in the ongoing work”. The Minister said the action will have a permanent character. After cleaning-up work on it is planned to build 11 hectares of the land in 17 varieties of vines and fruit trees of different varieties...





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