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Avtandil Meskhidze, Minister of Agriculture of Ajara summarized the citrus season at the Citrus Coordination HQ.  For those Companies which purchased tangerine for 1kg industrial processing for no less than 0.20 Gel, the Ministry of Agriculture of Adjara issued a subsidy of GEL 0.10 per 1 kg mandarin. Accordingly, the tangerine price for industrial processing was 0.20 GEL. According to the existing data, 23 565 tons of standard Mandarin are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Armenia, Uzbekistan,...

Citrus festival 2017


First time in Georgia, with the support of local government and organization of Agroservice centre on a main square of Kobuleti was held Citrus Festival 2017.  Festival attended Chairman of Ajara A.R., Zurab Pataradze, Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Avtandil Meskhidze, Major of Kobuleti and Mirian Katamadze. The chaiman of Ajara A.R, Minister of Agriculture of Ajara, Mayor of Kobuleti and Director of agroservice centre rewarded with medals respected citrus agronom, best young citrus farmer in Kobuleti and Khelvachauri municipality.  On the event...

Wine and cheese festival 2017


Today, with the organization of Agroservice centre, on europe square was held wine and cheese festival. The chairman of Ajara government, Zurab Pataradze, MInister of Agriculture of Ajara, Avtandil Meskhidze, Major of Batumi Lasha Komakhidze attended the event.  On festival cooperative farms exhibited  their products, where the visitors could buy and taste the georgian wine and cheese.  The winners of best farming product were rewanded with medals. The festival concluded the local bands Elesa and Bani.

Tasting of wine


Today, In the hotel Marani certified someliers defined the best wine producer, there were presented 100 species of wine and 10 species of Chacha.  The winners will be rewarded with golden, silver and bronze medals on the day of wine and cheese festial, which will take place on 26-27 of December  from 12pm to 19pm on europe squere, Batumi

Chairman of Ajara government and Minister of Agriculture of Ajara inspected Citrus processing enterprises


For the purpose of organizing the better citrus season, chairman of Ajara A.R and Minister of Agriculture of Ajara A.R inspected the Citrus processing enterprises in Chakvi. The enterprise is planningg to receive 7000 tones of citrus. Nowadays they have already exported 440 tones of citrus in Russia.  The Chairman and The Minister visited ,TCF GEORGIA’ and ,,Georgian...

Final Presentation of Interns


Today, BSU agricultural faculty students presented final analyses of 6 months internship in Agroservice centre.  The presentation attended, The minister of Agriculture of Ajara A.R Avtandil Meskhidze, Directon of Agroservice Centre, Gocha Beridze and Rector of Batumi Shota Rustaveli University, Merab Khalvashi, as well dean of Agricultural faculty, Gizo Partskhaladze and professors. After the presentation students received internship certificates. During 6 months of internship students 

Accepting of non-standard mandarin started


Minister of Agriculture of Ajara A.R Avtandil Meskhidze attended the non -standard mandarin acception process in receiving-processing factory of  Kobuleti Municipality. Ltd "Georgian industrial Asset Management Group" will accept unlimited amount of non -standard mandarin. The factory will produce concentrate, from which will be made juices for export in Europe and Asia.   Also, from tomorrow Ltd "

Seedling shop was opened in the village of Chakvi


Today, Avtandil Meskhidze, the Minister of Agriculture of Adjara and Gocha Beridze, Director of the Agroservice Center opened the seedlings shop, which is locate in Chakvi on the territory of citrus nursery of Agroservice centre. The goal of opening the store is to popularize modern technologies of planting material and raise awareness of farmers. In above mentioned shopfarmers can buy seedlings of citrus, vine, apple and berry cultures.

Gocha Beridze attended a joint conference on the 60th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences


Today, a joint conference was held on the 60th anniversary of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ajara in the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara, which was led by Vice-President of the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Givi Japaridze. The meeting was attended by Ajara Agriculture Minister Avtandil Meskhidze and academics. At the meeting the minister of Agriculture of Ajara and scientists discussed modern agricultural problems of the Ajara region and prospects of their overcoming.

Citrus coordination headquarters opened in Adjara


With the support of the Government of Adjara, the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara has begun to promote tangerine realization for industrial processing. In order to organize the tangerines in the enterprises, the coordination headquarters was opened in Batumi, which was opened by the Chairman of Adjara government Zurab Pataradze and the Minister of Agriculture of Avtandil Meskhidze. Companies that will buy 1kg tangerines for industrial processing for at least 0.20 Gel, Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara will issue a state subsidy of GEL 0.10 on 1 kg mandarine. Accordingly,...

Agrarian Commission Session


Today, the meeting of the Agrarian and Environmental Issues Commission of the Supreme Council of Ajara was held in Agroservice Center, the head of the commission was Vakhtang Tsuladze. Chairman of the Supreme Council Davit Gabaidze, Vice-Speaker Merab Karanadze, MPs Irakli Cheishvili, Giorgi Romanadze, Nugzar Surmanidze, Ilia Verdzadze attended the meeting, as well the minister of Agriculture of Ajara Avtandil Meskhidze and Director of Agroservice Centre, Gocha Beridze. Participants discussed 2018 programs: development of agroservice in the region, facilitating development...

Agroservice Center hosted the Education Movement Ekvilibrium


The movement of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia visited the Chakvi citrus nursery. Gocha Beridze, director of Agroservice Center hosted guests, where he presented  industrial varieties of citrus. Educational Movement of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia participated in the harvest of early mandarine in the Chakvi citrus nursery garden.

Training for viticulture farmers


Today, in N(N)JP Agroservice centre was held  a training for viticulturist farmers, about wine making technologies. The aim of the training is to improve the quality of wine production in Adjara by introducing advanced technologies. The speaker of the training was associate professor of Caucasus University Davit Tamarashvili. The training attended Agroservice centre  Director Gocha Beridze amd representatives of small and medium wine factories.


Gocha Beridze attended the presentation of Interns


10 students of Agrarian Faculty of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University were doing paid internship for 6 months. Today they presented a presentation of what they have studied in those months and how they inmproved their skills in Agricultural field.  The Internship was implemented to support the growth of young professionals, to increase practical knowledge and professional development.  The final presentation attended director of Agroservice centre, Gocha Beridye, Deputy director Levan Bolkvadze, as well the field specialists.  Gocha Beridze wished...

Agroservice centre gave cages and incubators to farmers


Within the project "ENPARD"  N(N)JP agroservice centre gave cages and incubators to farmers, Suliko Lazishvili and Eter Manvelidze, in Kobuleti region.  The term ‘quail farming’ means, raising quails commercially (like other poultry birds) for the purpose of profitable eggs and meat production. As far as we have experienced, quail farming business is very easy, lucrative and entertaining. It’s very easy to maintain a quail farm, because quails are among the smallest species of poultry birds. 

Grape harvest


Today,  Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Avtandil Meskhidze and representatives of Adjara government, harvested grapes in Agroservice Center.  Vine nursery in Agroservice centre were planted in 2013, there are 32 grape varieties of grape and each year organization is adding different varieties of grapes. This year 1 tons of grape harvest is expected in the nursery, the harvested product will be pressed and put into “kvevris”. The guests of the  Agroservice Center have the opportunity to get acquainted with Kobuleti Wine House, taste and buy...

Citrus forum 2017


 The forum ’’ Citrus Export 2017 " initiated by N(N)JP Agroservice centre has been held in Batumi Sheraton. The Chairman of Ajara Government Zurab Pataradze, Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Levan Davitashvili and Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Avtandil Meskhidze attended the meeting. Growing interest is observed towards Georgian citrus from different exporting countries as a result of which new export markets have emerged whereby.  At the forum, the officials were focused on citrus export-related...

Citrus vintage


Today, 33 participants of the 9 countries of the Citrus forum participated in the picking of a tangerine in the Chakvi citrus nursery area of ​​Agroservice Center. Chairman of the Government of Adjara Zurab Pataradze, Minister of Agriculture of Ajara, Avtandil Meskhidze, Director of the Agroservice Center, Gocha Beridze took part in the Orange Vintage. Up to 8 tons of tangerines were collected in the sample-demonstration plot. Within 2016-2017 29783 tones of tandarins were exported in different countries: Russia 17 934...

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