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Trainings for the agronomists and the service directors of “Agro Service Center”


The agronomists and the directors of Informational-Consultative Service-Centers of “Agro Service Center” attended one day training on treatment of pest-diseased citrus, fruit, vegetables and vine. The training was held by Alexander Geguchadze – plant defender.  “Our consultants keep contact with those farmers, who need to get information about the approaches and measures that are being introduced in agriculture.  For example,...

The employees of Informational-Consultative Service-Center in village Dagva


The employees of Informational-Consultative Service-Center informed the population of Dagva about the newly opened in-vitro fertilization station of cattles in Kobuleti municipality. They talked with farmers about the advantages of in-vitro fertilization and compared in-vitro fertilization to the natural fertilization processes. Specialists also introduced the subprograms of Ministry of Agriculture and gave consultations to farmers regarding to treatment of the pests-diseased citrus, as well as the measures for protection and cultivation of crops. During stated...

Meeting with farmers from Dgvani


The employees of Shuakhevi Informational-consultative Service-Center got acquainted with the ongoing agricultural works and the problems connected to it in Dgvani community. Development of different fields of agriculture and its perspectives was the main subject of discussion with farmers. They expressed satisfaction about the subprograms of Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara and noted that their role is important into the renovation and reconstruction of farms. Despite of above-stated farmers require strengthening the control over the poisonous- chemicals from...

The employees of Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service-Center visited the cattle slaughter-house


The employees of Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service-Center visited the cattle slaughter-house in village Erge. They got acquainted with the situation and the procedures of slaughter-house functioning.  According to the owner of slaughter-house, they have problems connected to the gas and water supply.  The employees of “Agro Service Center” informed them that problems would be solved in the nearest future as the tender is already announced.  The cattle in slaughter-house are brought from Khulo, Shuaxevi, Qeda and Qobuleti...

The implementation of Euro agricultural development project the amount of which is 3.3 Million starts in Ajara


Within the frame of agricultural development project the representatives of UNDP and European Union visited “Agro Service Center” today. The head of organization Gocha Beridze introduced ongoing projects and showed the office of cattle artificial insemination to them. The head of Operations EU Delegation to Georgia, Ramon Reigada gave certificates to those employees of “Agro Service Center” who attended training courses about “how to prepare business projects” held by the representative of UNDP.  Afterwards delegation visited...

The owner of Urekhi cattle farm plans to improve production


The employees of Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service-Center visited Urekhi cattle farm named as “Our Farm”.  They got acquainted with the current situation in the farm and supervised cattle-keeping conditions as well as their productivity level. The owner of farm plans to withdraw the agro-loan in order to enhance product sales. According to the farmer the average milk productivity for one cow is no more than 7 L which is very low in comparing with the cattle-keeping costs....

The employees of Informational-Consultative Service-Centre attended trainings


The employees of Informational-Consultative Service-Centre of “Argo Service Center” attended one-week trainings on Designing Business Projects. In Batumi Business Incubator they learned analyzing, estimating and planning business projects. The trainings were held by Lasha Komakhidze - UNDP project manager.  After trainings specialists of Informational-Consultative Service-Centre would give certain advices and consultations about designing business projects to all interested farmers, having wish to use preferential...

The employees of Qeda Informational-Consultative Service-Center call for people


The employees of Keda Informational-Consultative Service-Center visited the crops damaged by field cutworm in village Khokhna. They have provided farmers with appropriate recommendations about how to fight against cutworms. Those pests are widely spread in crops and massively damage not only corn, but also haricot beans and others. As a result of above-stated, the employees of Informational-Consultative Service-Center advice  people to use medicine “ Decis profi” (1 gram in 1ltr water) to treat damaged crops in case of discovering corn plants...

Hard rain and hail damage the crops in village Nagvarevi


Annual and perennial crops were damaged by hard rain and hail in Shuakhevi municipality. According to the notices from the village special commission in Shuakhevi Municipality Gamgeoba (Executive Body in self-government) visited the damaged territories. The members of mentioned commission are the head of Shuakhevi Informational-Consultative Service-Center – Avtandil Kakaladze and the agronomist Ramin Diasamidze. Specialists studied damaged crops individually and gave them appropriate recommendations to farmers regarding to rehabilitation of damaged crops.

The owner of trout farm plans to withdraw the agro loan


The deputy director of “Agro Service Center” along with the employees of Informational-consultative Service-Center visited the trout farm in Mcvane Kontskhi. The meeting revealed that the owner of trout farm Aslan Bejanidze needs to withdraw the agro loan in order to enhance the production and to introduce modern technologies in the trout farm. According to Aslan Bejanidze, in case of getting additional finances he will be able to produce trout and improve sales even in severe climatic conditions.   Above-stated...

The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service-Center meet with the representatives of banking sector


The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service- Center are having meetings with the representatives of banking sector. The aim of stated meetings is to identify the conditions of loans which should be granted within the frame of “Preferential Agro Credit” project, as well as to clarify the situation in regard to the project in different banks.  At first, the employees of Batumi Informational-consultative Service-Center met with the representatives of Liberty Bank Ajara regional branch. They discussed all three components of project...

Shuakhevi Municipality is struggling against agricultural plant pests


The inhabitants of the villages Tchala, Nenia and Furtiohave addressed to the Information-Advisory Service of Shuakhevi. According to the farmers, pests and rodents spreading have caused damage to the vegetables and maize crops. Damaged areas have been visited by the consultants and recommendations regarding the measures against pests were given to the farmers. All the above mentioned villages are famous in Shuakhevi region for good kitchen gardening. In case of carrying out agro technical and other complex activities in...

The memorandum signed between Agroservice Center and Black Sea College


The Memorandum of Collaboration has been signed between Agro Service Center and vocational college “Black Sea”. The memorandum implies providing practice of third-year students from college’s Plant Protection Technician specialty at Agro Service Center. “This collaboration is mutually beneficial for us. On the one hand Agro Service Center will prepare professional staff in agricultural field that is so necessary for our region ,”  declared George Gogitidze, Director of Black Sea College.

The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service-Center has visited the old district of Batumi


The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service-Center held the regular meeting in the area of old district of Batumi.    They discussed the competences, basic functions and the ways of project implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara A.R and Georgia, as well as of “Agro Service Center”.  Consultants delivered information to population regarding to target programs of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara A.R and the role of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service-Center in...

The employees of Shuakhevi Informational-Consultative Service Center in Shubani


The employees of Shukhevi informational-consultative service center introduced the MOA (Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara) programs to farmers in Shubani. They talked about the spring works done on time in Shuakhevi municipality and current situation about it. According to the farmers, early spring gave more opportunity to do spring works on time, however damage made by the pests on perennial trees is still problem there. Agro Service Center Consultants provided them with different recommendation regarding to the problem solution. 

Agro Service Center celebrates World Environment Day by Planting of Greenery Action


Agro Service Center organized Planting of Greenery Action in Benze refugee settlement regarding to the World Environment Day, where the students and the employees of the organization was involved. They planted dozens of Cryptomeria saplings in the territory of the refugee settlement. “As the settlement is new it needs the trees to be planted here. That’s why we decided to plant new saplings within the frame of Planting Greenery Action and to make the environment more beautiful and healthy here”- said Gocha...

The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center visit Rustaveli district


The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center introduced the function and the specification of their service, as well as the programs of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara to the residents of Rustaveli district. Special attention of farmers was paid to the Agro Loan program, as well as to the problems connected with the homeless animals, rodents and insects. Specialists discussed Artificial Insemination of cattle and its advantages compared to the natural one. They introduced the international practice regarding to this subject with people. 

Agro Service Center invites disabled children at dolphins show


Agro Service Center invited 40 disabled children at dolphins show regarding to the International Children’s Day. Organization congratulates this important holiday to every child and wishes them happy childhood. 

Khelvachauri Informational Consultative Service Center visit Ajaristskali


The employees of Khelvachauri Informational Consultative Service Center introduced the development perspectives of animal husbandry field and Artificial Insemination of cattle as the main method to increase the productivity of cow with farmers. They informed them about the advantages of Artificial Insemination and the service of AI which is functioning in Agro Service Center. They discussed the rehabilitation of tea plantations and the role of farms cooperatives in the process of agriculture development. Mainly the format of meeting was introductory and the specialists...

The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center met residents of Khimshiashvili district


The employees of Batumi Informational-Consultative Service Center introduced the already planned next year programs and priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara to the residents of Khimshiashvili district. Mostly the attention was paid to the project of Agro Credit and the program “Provide farmers with the vegetable seedlings”. The current problems existing in the district was also discussed, among which are stray dogs and rodents. Besides people living in the Khimshiashvili district have problems regarding to the increased numbers of flies,...

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