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Minister of Agriculture of Georgia has visited N(N)LE Agro Service Center wine house


For popularization of Georgian wine and development of agribusiness in the region, Wine House will be opened in the village Gvara, Kobuleti municipality. Otar Danelia, Minister of agriculture of Georgia and Zaur Putkaradze, Minister of agriculture of Ajara visited the Wine house base established by N(N)LE Agro Service Center. The guests of Wine House will be introduced to the traditions of wine production. Visitors...

Training for bird hatching Farmers


The specialists of “Association of Future Farmers” and "B2B" employees held training for farmers in a bird hatching and rising. The training was supported by N(N)LE Agro Service Center. The farmers who were donated with a poultry incubator last year by EMPARD AJARA and Agro Service Center and other farmers who were interested in poultry rising attended the training.

Delegation of Belarus has visited N(N)LE Agro Service Center


Today, delegation from Belarus visited N(N)LE Agro Service Center vine and fruit tree nursery garden. The guests visited pepper green-house, nursery garden and wine house. They also got acquainted with the N(N)LE Agro Service Center soil agrochemical research, cow artificial insemination process and fruit drying process. The delegation members were the leaders of Belarus companies and Mogilev representatives. Avtandil Meskhidze, Deputy-Minister of Agriculture of Adjara, N(N)LE Agro Service Center director and deputy-directors attended the meeting.

During the project


To improve the poultry raising in the region, N(N)LE Agro Service Center, with the support of project “Enpard Ajara” gave incubators and cages to the farmers. Avtandil Meskhidze and Suliko Beridze the Deputy-Ministers of Agriculture of Ajara, Lasha Komakhidze “Enpard Ajara” project manager and Gocha Beridze N(N)LE Agro Service Center director attended the meeting. “Enpard Ajara” has supported many projects in the farms. The project, which was supported by the Agro Service Center, cost 260 740 GEL. In 2014 farmers received 6 incubators and 6 combined feed...

Berry lots were planted in agro service center thrift


Belarusian berry  lots were planted in agro service center thrift. Today, assistant of Ajara agriculture minister Avtandil Meskhidze, was also participating into planting procedure. There are 10 varieties, 46 species, 3500 plants of berries in total, which agro service center bought from Belarus republic fruit-growing institution. After acclimatization and adaptation, it is planned...

Director of Agro Service Center Attended the Meeting with MASHAV Experts


Gocha Beridze, N(N)LE Agro Service Center director attended the meeting with the experts of Israel International Cooperation Agency. He made a presentation about Ajara extension. MASHAV expert, David Silverman shared his experience and informed the audience about innovation and new technologies. The meeting in the scientific research center was attended by the representatives of the regional administrative and international donor organizations. Within the project, the agricultural potential of Georgia was introduced to the foreign experts. They conducted seminars on the extension models in...

Mechanization investment process in Keda municipality


Today, Deputy minister of Ajara agricultural ministry Ioseb Abuladze and the project manager Jemal Katsitadze involved into mechanization investment process in Keda municipality. They acquaintanced technique working, demage and wear out reasons. Project “Enpard Ajara” which is running with the initiative of N(N)LE Agro service Centre, aimed to improve technique service process, where farmers will be able to repair and equip the technique with the necessary parts. Ajara Agricultural Ministry with the part-financing is equipping the farmers with technique since 2008,...

Second international congress about “Georgian garlic to world


Today, finished second international congress about “Georgian garlic to world”, 16 country representative entrepreneurs and scientific researcher were attending the congress. New types of garlic, its production and realization was discussed on meeting, representatives discussed about their experience in garlic production. The aim of congress was to integrate Georgia into international connections. Deputy of agro service center director Levan Bolkvadze presented garlic cultivation presentation in Ajara region....


Today, started second international congress about “Georgian garlic to world”. 30 country representative entrepreneurs and scientific researchers were attending the congress. The congress opened with the word of Zaur Putkaradze, minister of Ajara Agricultural Ministry and the Supreme council Avtandil Beridze. On the meeting participants shared their experience about garlic type chose, production and realization. The aim of congress was to integrate Georgia into international connections. Deputy of agro service...

Delegation of ajara Agricultural ministry acquaintance implemented projects and services of Agro service center


25 people delegation of Ajara agricultural ministry visited branch of Agro service center of Kobuleti region. The delegation acquaintance implemented projects and services of Agro service center. The aim of the visit was to demonstrate the last 3 years novelty of agro service center and share experience. It is planned to open duplicates of Agro service center in the other regions of Georgia. The delegation visited vine and fruit trees nursery thrifts, also strawberry and sweet paper greenhouse economy, grass-intensive production...

Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara presented 3 years work calculation.


Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara presented 3 years work calculation. Jambul Abuladze, the head of agriculture developing department of ministry of agriculture of Ajara, talked about implemented projects and the results, also about citrus receiving and processing enterprises. On presentation was mentioned Agro service center as a subsidiary, and the its activities and projects in the region. At the end of the presentation Lasha Komakhidze, the manager of UNDP presented the topic about “extension software”. Ajara...

Agro Service Center made a dried persimmon for farmers


Agro Service Center made a dried persimmon for farmers in drying fruit mini-enterprise. Local residents brought 100 kg of dried persimmon production previous weekend into the organization. Shota Rustaveli state university, students of agro faculty were participating into process. The aim of agro service center is to support farmers in realization and preparing of products.   Dried persimmon has high demand on market. The price is 4-5 gel, while the persimmon costs 50-60 tetris. Farmers are doing dried persimmon in house...

Realization of citrus and vine saplings continue


Vine and Citrus saplings produced in the nurseries of Agro Service Center are on sale again. At the present, Saplings of Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi and Chkhaveri, as well as lemon and orange are available for farmers. Those breeds of citrus are productive and adapted to the climate of Ajara well.  The price of saplings varies from 2 to 3 lari. Farmers who are willing to buy the saplings of agro Service Center should contact marketing manager at 577 58 55 81 mobile number.

Director of Agro Service Center took part in the Seminar of European Academy


The Director of Agro Service Center along with the Ministry of Agriculture took part in agro exhibition and seminar of European Academy in Italy. Gocha Beridze and Zaur Phutkaradze got acquainted with the projects implemented by the European Academy in the region of South Tyrol. They visited the agro exhibition „AGRIALP in Bolzano“as well, where agro technologies and innovations were exhibited. In addition, The Minister and the Director have been introduced with the experience and achievements of South Tyrol Region while visiting the local farmers...

Presentation of Agro Service Center pilot project held in the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia


Today, the report about Agro Service Center pilot project was made in the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. Project was implemented within the frame of ENPARD, UNDP and UN FAO programs. The Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Zaur Phutkaradze highlighted the support of Donor organizations in Agro Service Center project implementation. The presentation about the Agro Service center activities and implemented projects were made by the representative of FAO Stieve Goss, ENPARD Ajara Project manager Lasha Komakhidze and Director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze....

Extension Management program to ease the working process of Agro Service Center employees


Today, Extension Management Program was introduced with the employees of Agro Service Center. Program combines all the information about the Extension Services in one united data base. The employees of Extension Service will be providing the program with all information about soil Agrochemical Research, Cattle Artificial Insemination and Consultation, as well as about farmers and the employees of Agro Service Center itself.  Extension Management Program was made within the ENPARD Ajara program and it aims to easy the working process of specialists. Monitoring...

Farmers to be granted by Incubators, Cages and Grass Fodder Machines


Many important projects have been implemented in Ajara within the ENPARD Ajara program. Last week cultivation of garlic demonstration plots finished in Mountainous Ajara which was financed by the ENPARD program as well. Project aims introduction of new, profitable and productive breeds of garlic in the region. It’s implemented by the Agro Service Center. According to the project, 7 demonstration plots of garlic are made for farmers in Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo. The costs of project is 15 800 gel. During last three...

Garlic demonstration plots cultivated in mountainous Ajara


Within the frame of ENPARD Ajara program, Agro Service center starts cultivation of garlic demo plots in mountainous Ajara. Today, garlic cultivation on the land of farmer Bidzina Shavadze was attended by the first Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Ioseb Abuladze, Director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze and Head of Agrarian Committee of Ajara Supreme Court Merab Abashidze. Next year, 2 tons of Garlic harvest is expected on the 1 500 m2 territory owned by the farmer Shavadze. During these weak, 6 other Garlic demo plots will be opened...

Orange Trees planted on Europe Square


Agro Service Center Orange trees were planted on Europe Square in Batumi. Spanish, Turkish and Japanese orange and grapefruit 18 trees were planted on Era Square on Memed Abashidze Street.Chairman of Ajara AR Government Archil Khabadze, Mayor of Batumi George Ermakov and Chairman of Supreme Council participated in green action with other officials. The Action was initiated by the Supreme Council Member Akaki Dzneladze and organized by the Agro Service Center. Other squares will be also greened in Batumi soon.

Garlic Demonstration plots to be cultivated in Mountainous Ajara


Garlic Demonstration Plots will be cultivated in mountainous Ajara by Agro Service Center. The Farmers will be provided with new, productive and profitable breed of garlic within the frame of “ENPARD Ajara” program. In total, 10 acres of land will be cultivated by garlic in Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo. The owners of Demonstration Plots have been trained by the representative of garlic producer company from Ukraine regarding to the garlic cultivation and measures against the pests diseases.

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