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In the Ajara region, frosts begun against Asian Cassida


The Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara together with the National Food Agency launches spraying pesticide program against the Cassida. 3750 hectares will be sprayed. Ltd Mechanisator will implement the project. 

Training about organic farming and its advantages


Today, Nugzar Okropiridze, the consultant of Agroservice Center in Agrarian Issues, held training for farmers and agronomists in the Shuakhevi municipality. The topic of the training was: organic farming and its advantages. The training is carried out within the framework of "Project Education and Scientific Practice".

Hurry up


Hurry up!!! Agroservice Centre is promoting vine samplings! Limited amount is left, only 6905 peaces. The price of the vine sampling is 2 Gel. 🍇

Agro-tour in Jighaura nursery


Deputy director of the N(N)JP Agroservice Center, Mr Bolkvadze, staff and interns of the Agroservice Center within the framework of Agro-tour visited the laboratory of Plant Seed and Planting Standard in the village of Tsilkani. In the above mentioned laboratory are doing the following types of analysis with International seed testing Association (ISTA) requirements and standards, such are: sampling, analytical purity determination, the emergence of energy determination, the emergence of the ability to determine the moisture determination, corn and potato culture Phytopathological's...

Training about biomaterials


Mr. Zurab Karbelashvili held a training in N(N)JP Agroservice centre Vine and Fruit tree nursery. The topic of the training was biomaterials. 

Vine saplings of Agroservice centre are on sale


Today, Agroservice Centre held a promoting event in order to support local farmers by selling vine saplings in Kobuleti municipality village Gvara. (Agroservice centre vine and fruit tree nursery)  Vine saplings are presented in containers and can be replanted any season. Vine saplings costs 2 Gel

ADA-Funded Veterinary Clinic Opened in Gvara


Kobuleti, Gvara – N(N)JP Agroservice Centre with the support of The Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) Foundation and Austrian Development Agency (ADA), opened a new Veterinary Clinic in Kobuleti municipality village Gvara. The facility was opened under the framework of the ADA-funded “Animal health management project in Georgia and Armenia, Phase II. The new vet clinic will provide veterinarian services, as well animal health and husbandry issues. The official launch ceremony of the Veterinary...



NGO PIN representatives, dean and professors of agrarian faculty of Akaki Tsereteli University, head of Information-consulting office Rusudan Dzidzishvili visited N(N)JP agroservice centre. They got acquainted with the implemented and ongoing projects of Agro Service Center in Kobuleti.  Visitors observed Vine and Fruit Nursery, 32 types of vine saplings. During the meeting guests also visited wine house, greenhouses of berries, agromarket established by the initiative of N(N)JP Agro Service Center.

N(N)JP Agroservice Center participated in the exhibition of Agricultural Technologies and Livestock in Mardin


Deputy Director of Agroservice Center, Mr. Eduard Phutkaradze, Marketing specialist Giorgi Sirabidze and citrus Agronom, Levan Kekelidze, attended the exhibition of agricultural technologies and livestock in the town of Mardin, Turkey.   In the frames of the event, Agroservice Center presented the products of the nursery and arranged wine tasting of Kobuleti wine house. Representatives of local and foreign companies participated in the exhibition.

Expo Batumi 2017


Expo Batumi is a 3 day event being held from 19th May to the 21st May 2017 in hotel Sheraton, Batumi, Georgia. This event showcases products like participants, both local and foreign companies, hotel chains, hotel equipment, restaurants and tourism industry employs a variety of companies etc. in the Business Services, Travel & Tourism industrie. The exhibition opened Davit Gabaidze, Chairman of Supreme Council of Ajara Autonomous Republic, as well Tsezar Fshibilski, Marshal of the Lower Silesia, Pavel Vredubovsky, Chairman of the Lower Silesian Parliament (Seimik) Turkish...

Agromarket opened in Kobuleti municipality


Today, chairman of Adjara government Zurab Pataradze, together with Minister of  Agriculture of Ajara region,Lasha Komakhidze, N(N)JP Agroservice centre director Gocha Beridze, opened the agro market in Kobuleti municipality. The goal of opening the agromarket is to increase modern technological availability for farmers' and agro-entrepreneurs. Improvement  product cost and production, increase labor productivity, economic and financial conditions. On 1000 sq.m. there are 25 spaces in the area, where local producers and distribution companies interested...

N(N)JP Agroservice Centre participated in European day 2017


Today, the EU Delegation, along with the EU member states' embassies and other partners in Georgia, celebrates the European Day in Rike Park. The event is dedicated to the launch of visa-free regime in Georgia. Within the scope of the event, N(N)JP  Agroservice Center presented the products of the nursery within the frames of ENPARD program and presented the wine tasting in Kobuleti wine house.  The event was opened by President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili and EU Ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman.

Expo Batumi 2017


9 Days left before Expo Batumi travel 2017!!! Expo Batumi is a 3 day event and will be held from 19th May to the 21st May 2017 in Sheraton Batumi, Georgia. This event showcases products like participants, both local and foreign companies, hotel chains, hotel equipment, restaurants and tourism industry employs a variety of companies etc. in the Business Services, Travel & Tourism industries. N(N)JP Agroservice Centre will present Wine house of Gvara, which is new touristic prodact within the region.

Training for veterinarians


Within the project “Animal Health Management in Cross-Border Areas of Armenia and Georgia”-fase II  expert from Nutrimax company, Revaz Lapachi held theoretical training for veterinarians and farmers on the theme; New varieties of feeds and feeding management. Dry cows experience a lot of hormonal and physiological changes in the last 2 weeks of gestation. Maxcare Extra Dairy Dry is specially designed to support these sensitive cows with all vitamins, macro-minerals and trace elements it needs, and more!...

Calf cages were given to farmers


Within the Animal health management project, Agroservice centre gave calf cages to chosen farmer Mogeli Mgeladze, there are 5 farmers from Kobuleti, Khelvachauri and Khulo municipalities  who are participating in the project.  The program provides cold growing method of newborn calves, which is an approved method and will be implemented in the region for the first time. Newborn calf moves in individual cages away from the building, regardless of weather conditions, high-quality food and water will be given to the calf as it wants. Such conditions...

cattle combined feeding


Within the Animal health management project, Agroservice centre gave cattle combined food and Iodized salt to chosen farmer Tsotne Darchidze, there are 5 farmers from Kobuleti, Khelvachauri and Shuakhevi municipalities  who are participating in the project.  The aim of the project is to show the farmers, how important is the feeding process, within what the milking process is increasing up to 34%, milk fat content is 37%, and the calf is born healthy. Scientifically, it’s proven that livestock productivity determines 25%-breed, 25%-vet education and 50%-feeding,...

Batumi Fish and Seafood festival


Batumi Seafood Festival is a tasty and entertaining event, with music, great food, arts and crafts.  This is an initiative of the organic aquaculture association FOREGI, Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara, Chamber of commerce and industry of Ajara and N(N)JP Agroservice Centre.  The festival will be held 7th of April, 13:00 in Batumi boulevard...

Working visit to the Republic of Armenia


N(N)JP Agroservice centre director and veterinars visited the republic of Armenia within the frames of the "animal health project manegment" phase II funded by the ADA and implemented by CARD foundation and Agroservice centre. Within the visit delegation visited CARD central office in Yerevan, Darakert farm service center, (FSC) Bardzrashen "Black OX" farm, ARID goat breeding center, Eko dairy farm and farms in Shirak region.  The aim of the visit was to exchange experiences and improve knowledge in the veterinary sector.  In the frames of the...

Meeting with beekeeping business association of Ajara region


N(N)JP director Gocha Beridze met beekeeping business association representatives. On the meeting they discussed projects to support cooperatives, as well the upcoming honey festival details.  The meeting attended general secretary of beekeeping association, Mariam Shavadze. 

N(N)JP ageoservice centre gave cages and incubators to farmers


Within the project "ENPARD 2"  N(N)JP ageoservice centre gave cages and incubators  to farmers.  The term ‘quail farming’ means, raising quails commercially (like other poultry birds) for the purpose of profitable eggs and meat production. As far as we have experienced, quail farming business is very easy, lucrative and entertaining. It’s very easy to maintain a quail farm, because quails are among the smallest species of poultry birds.

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