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Monitoring of Cow Artificial Insemination Service results


Deputy Director of Agro Service Center Levan Bolkvadze observed the results of Cow Artificial Insemination Service and visited Family of Givi Danelia in Kobuleti.  Danelia got two cows from Artificial Insemination Service, one of which already has the sign of breed improvement. It gives 13-15 liter of milk instead of 8-10 liter like the mother. Artificial Insemination Service opened in Agro Service Center in 2012 within the frame of UNDP program and 1600 improved breed of calves have been born during this period in Ajara region.

The delegation of Nikolayev Oblast visit Agro Service Center


The delegation of Nikolayev Oblast visited Agro Service Center Today and got acquainted with the implemented and ongoing works of organization. They observed Vine and Fruit Nursery, Strawberry and Sweet Paper greenhouses, as well as ongoing works in Wine House. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ajara and the Governor of Kobuleti Municipality attended the meeting as well. The delegation which consisted of Nikolayev oblast state administration officials and lawmakers signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Ajara day after, which implies...

Apple harvested in Fruit Nursery dried in Agro Service Center


Fruit drying continues in Agro Service Center mini enterprise. At the present, two breeds of apple harvested in Vine and Fruit Nursery of Agro Service Center have been dried in Fruit Drying Mini Enterprise; however realization of dried apple is not planned yet. The mini enterprise was purchased by the organization within the frame of UNDP program. It is the Solar system machine, which dries the fruit during the 3-4 days. Unlike the fruit which is dried at sun, the product in above mentioned machine is hygienic as far as sanitary-hygiene parameters are provided...

Agro Service Center model to be introduced in other regions of Georgia


The director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze met with the consultant of UNDP Steve Goss and ENPARD Ajara project manager Lasha Komakhidze today. The document about the introduction of Agro Service Center example to other regions of Georgia made by the Goss was discussed at the meeting. Gocha Beridze provided UNDP Consultant with the recommendations regarding to the implementation of Agro Service Center projects in different regions of Georgia. The documents about the Agro Service Center development strategy plan and complete of first phase of ENPARD Ajara...

Veterinary Services to be open in Municipalities


Gagik Sardanyan, the manager of Armenian company “CARD” visited Agro Service Center today. New project initiated by the Sardanyan was discussed at the meeting which was attended by the Director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze and ENPARD Ajara project manager Lasha Komakhidze. The project aims support and development of animal husbandry and veterinary services in each municipality, in particular, veterinaries will be trained and local veterinary services will be opened. The project is implemented within the frame of signed memorandum between the...

Farmers get acquainted with the ways of solving problems in trout farms


Jewish Ichthyologists from Israeli held training for the cooperatives and farmers in Agro Service Center today. Fish diseases and their treatment, water filtration and trout farming were the main subjects of discussion during the two-hour training. The lack of qualified Ichthyologists in Ajara region made Agro Service Center to organize the training along with the Company “Isragreen” from Israeli. The training aims to improve and enhance the knowledge of farmers regarding to the problem solutions in the trout farms. The Guests observed the trout farms...

Agro Service Center products at the exhibition of festival “Gandagana”


Agro Service Center agricultural products have been exhibited at Europe square during 5-6 September within the frame of festival “Gandagana”.  Grape, apple, strawberry and dried plum, as well as agricultural machinery such as Bird Scarer, Soil Laboratory, Cattle Feed Grinding Machinery and Honey Comb Percolator has been exhibited at the festival, which was organized by the Department of Tourism of Ajara within the frame of National Holiday “Batumoba”.

Agro Service Center dry plums for farmers


The farmers from Shukhevi municipality dried 200 kg plums in Agro Service Center Fruit Drying Mini-Enterprise. “This is the first try for farmers to get dried plums and make there realization instead of selling the fresh fruit itself. Demand for the dried fruit in their village made them be interested in our service. As they had no financial resources to bring the fruit from Shukhevi to Kobuleti we helped them and received the fruit in Shuakhevi itself,” told Inga Gaprindashvili, engineer-technologist of Agro Service Center. Besides the plum blueberry,...

Berry cultivation issues discussed in Agro Service Center


Zviad Bobokashvili, head of Fruit Growing Department of Scientific Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture met with the representative of Minsk Fruit Growing Institute in Agro Service Center Today. The appropriate berry breeds to be cultivated in the organization, were discussed at the meeting. Besides, the current climate and soil condition, as well as development of optimal conditions for the young saplings were overviewed by the guests. Within the frame of memorandum signed between the Agro Service Center and Minsk Fruit Growing Institute Agro Service...

Vine and Citrus saplings are on sale


Agro Service Center began selling the vine and fruit saplings. Different breeds of vine such as Cardinali, Tsolikauri, Chkhaveri, Ojaleshi, Prima and others are available for farmers at the present. Those table and wine breeds are produced in Agro Service Center from the mother plants that are cultivated in Vine and Fruit Nursery in Kobuleti.  Above mentioned breeds are selected because of their quality and profitability. As for the Citrus, early tangerine breeds, orange, lemon and grapefruit are on sale as well. Those tangerine breeds can be harvested in...

Agro Service Center will receive berry saplings from Institute of Fruit Growing


The representatives of Institute of Fruit Growing of Minsk visited Agro Service Center today. The Institute plans to grant Agro Service Center with the berry saplings in autumn and beforehand they observed the nursery where the saplings will be cultivated. Visitors have been informed about the climate and soil condition of Ajara region, which will be used for the selection of right berry breeds for the nursery. 4200 saplings of 10 different berry breeds will be cultivated in Vine and Fruit Nursery of Agro Service Center in the nearest future.

Agro Service Center purchase Bird Scarer


Agro Service Center purchased two units of Automatic Bird Scarer in order to protect fruit harvest. Bird Scarer is the simple construction, which operates by natural gas and its usage is perfectly safe. Agro Service Center placed them in Vine and Fruit Nursery in Kobuleti. The necessity of machine usage has been identified after the damage of grape and blueberry in the nursery. 20-25% of whole harvests were usually damaged by the birds in the past; however the problem is solved by the Bird Scarer at the present. Using the machine to protect the fruits is an effective...

Cattle Artificial Insemination Service of Agro Service Center now in Mountains


Cattle Artificial Insemination Service of Agro Service Center operates in Mountains of Ajara as well. 20 artificial inseminations have been implemented by the specialists in Beshumi, Gomismta, Tetrobi and Kunchuleti mountains during the August and July. Cattle Artificial Insemination Service launched in Agro Service Center within the frame of ENPARD Ajara program in 2012. During the past three years 1255 calves of Shvitz and Jersey breeds have been born in Ajara, however this number will reach 3000 till the end of 2015....

Agricultural products of Agro Service Center exhibited at National Holiday


Agricultural products of Agro Service Center were exhibited at national holiday “Kobuletoba“, where guests were able to taste different sorts of grape, apple, pear and strawberry produced in the organization.  National Holiday “Kobuletoba” were held in Kobuleti after 5 year pause, where visitors were able to taste agricultural products produced in Kobuleti, traditional dishes and attend folklore concerts.

Representatives of Embassy of United States visit Agro Service Center


Senior Mathematical Statistician of United States Department of Agriculture, Michael A. Steiner visited Agro Service Center in order to discuss the modern methods of forecasting the citrus harvest. Steiner observed the ongoing projects of Agro Service Center and met citrus producer farmers in Village Khutsubani, where he along with his colleagues observed the citrus gardens. The current methods of citrus harvest forecast were discussed at the meeting as well. Modern methods regarding to the subject will be introduced with the farmers in the nearest future by the...

Training for cooperatives


In Agro Service Centre held the training for the local cooperatives of Kobuleti. The training was held by Nukri Shergiladze the representatives of SAO of Georgian cooperative. Regarding to the cooperatives he discussed about effective management  and tax concession.

Minister of Agriculture of Armenia Sergo Karapetiani acquainted the activities of Agro Service Centre


Otar Danelia, Minister of Agriculture and Sergo Karapetiani Minister of Agriculture of Armenia with Zaur Putkaradze Minister of Agriculture of Ajara acquainted the ongoing and implemented activities in Agro Service Centre. Ministers observed Agro Service Center Strawberry Demonstration Greenhouse and Vine and Fruit Nursery in Kobuleti.

USAID project in Georgia


Within the frame of strengthening Extension and Advisory Services (SEAS) in Georgia, Benjamin Muller chief of party visited in Agro Service Centre.  The main goal of the visit  was to introduce the specifics of the work in informational-consultation department and its divisions. During the visit the head of Extension Service Centre and Benjamin Muller were discussing about future plans which will promote better work of the service.

The results of implemented projects supported by ,,ENPARD AJARA” was presented in Agro Service Centre


The results of implemented projects supported by ,,ENPARD AJARA” was presented in Agro Service Centre. Presentation was attended by the Ministry of Agreiculture of Ajara Zaur Putkaradze, the deputy ministry Avtandil Meskhidze, UNDP Economic Team Leader George Nanobashvili, the program manager  Natia Natsvlishvili and ENPARD AJARA  project manager Lasha Komakhidze.  Within the frame of ,,ENPARD AJARA”  UTO 404 types of tractor presented to the agricultural cooperative ,,strong farmer”.  

The representatives of Extension Service visit in Beshumi


The head of Extension Service of Agro Service Centre with the consultants visited in Beshumi, where they introduced the ongoing situation on the summer pasture. Specialist actively continue the cooperation and consultation with the farmers.

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