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The first result of Artificial Insemination in Khulo


First  calf of Jersey breed has been born in village Tsabliani of Khulo municipality as a result of cattle Artificial Insemination. AI (Artificial Insemination) service has launched in Agro Service Center within the frame of UNDP program in 2012, it aims to improve cattle breed in the region. AI supports improvement of milk productivity and protection of cattle from various diseases, as far as cows have high immune system as a result of improved breed, which makes them disease resistant. Agro Service Center opened AI services in Khulo and Shuakevi district...

New Strawberry Greenhouse in Agro Service Center


In Gvara-Khucubani fruit and wine collective nursery opened new modern technologies strawberry Greenhouse. New greenhouse is arranged on 480 square meters,  for the future the greenhouse will be  demonstrative function. Today started strawberry planting process. Approximately 10 000 saplings  of San Andreas variety were planted.  The breed is distinguished as a weather change as durability of diseases and pests.  It can be used, as hidden and open soil cultivation. The frut is light red colour, large and  dense.  Harvest...

Citrus tasting in Chakvi nursery


  Regarding to research of citrus varieties, held the  citrus tasting process  in Chakvi citrus nursery. Total citrus samples were taken 29, including 3 orange varieties. The main purpose was to study the varieties of citrus, fruit size, colour, fruit density, thickness, acidity, sweetness, aroma and amount of seed. At the result,  the people have opportunity to know  which varieties are distinguished by special taste quality.  In the tasting process participated the scientists of Anaseuli research institute  Department...

International Organizations visited in Agro Service Center


  November 21, held the Donors  Fourth International Conference in Ajara. The representatives of the organisations of EU, ( ENPARD AJARA ) introduced the projects supported by the donor organizations  and they along with the Chairman of Ajara Republic Archil Khabadze, the Minister of  Agriculture of Ajara Zaur Putkaradze, ENPARD AJARA Support to Agricultural Development In Ajara, project manager Lasha Komakhidze  visited and introduced donor organization projects which were implemented in Agro Service Center of Kobuleti. The results of the project astimated ...

The gift to the university


The Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara Zaur Putkaradze, , the manager of ,,ENPARD - Ajara” Support to the Agriculture Development in Ajara region  Lasha Komakhidze,  EU representative in Georgia Juan Echanave, United Nations Economic Development Team Leader George Nanobashvili and director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze held the meeting with the Agrarian faculty students and lectures in Shota Rustaveli State Uviversity of Batumi. The University gifted by EU representatives and Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara with Agrarian Literature. The Ministry...

A quarterly summary session in Agro Service Center


ENPARD AJARA Support to the Agriculture Development in Ajara region held the quarterly summary session in Agro Service Center. The meeting was attended by EU representative in Georgia Juan Echanove, the head of UN economic Development team Giorgi Nanobashvili, first Deputy Minister of Agriculture Joseb Abuladze and director of Agro Service Center Gocha BEridze. Within  the frame of programs the guests  met with representatives of the cooperatives  which  grant applications are submitted. At the end of the meeting  the guests observed the...

Zviad Boboqashvili visited in Agro Service Center


The head of Scientific - Research Center fruit-growering and winegrowing department  of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zviad Boboqashvili visited in Gvara - Khutsubani fruit and vine nursery in  Agro Service Cente and  acquented ongoing works there. Boboqashvili consulted the Agronoms and provided them with the information about the formation  of  fruit pruning  in semi -intensive gardens. Zviad Boboqashvili made positive rate of Agroservice activites.

Training for farmers


 Kachreti Consultative Center’s manager of  Gurjaani municipality, Davit Ziraqashvili, along with  Agro Service Center’s exstension and consultative service center’ s consultants held the meetig and training  with the farmers in Shuakhevi municipality. The training was about modern viticulture and wine- making technologies. . The farmers got the detail informations about Vineyard Cultivation and modern wine- making techniques. A similar type of meeting  and training will contribute to the development of viticulture in...

The farmer granted with milking machine in Shuakhevi


The director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze granted the owner of cattle farm Omar Nakaidze with the milking machine. Farmer has been granted  within the frame of project named as  ,,ENPARD - Ajara” Support to the agriculture development in Ajara region” which aims support to the animal husbandry development in the region. Milking machine’s transfer process has attended by the  deputy minister of agriculture Suliko Beridze  and UNDP Project Manager Lasha  Komakhidze.

Incubators were given to farmers


Within the frame of ,,ENPARD Ajara "Support to the Agriculture development in Ajara,  Agro Service Centre handed  3  automatic multi - functional incubator based on  microcomputer technology to the  cooperative initiative group  in village Chaisubani of  Qobuleti  municipality. The incubators are equipped with European production of digital electronic temperature and humidity measuring sensors, it is distinguished by stability, reliability, which reduces the time and energy of...

New Vegetable Greenhouse in Agro Service Center


In Gavra - Khutsubani opened new modern technologies vegetable greenhouse. The greenhouse is arranged  on 480 square meters where two Hybrid varieties tomatoes are planted. The heating and  drip irrigation system with the fertilizers are mounted in the greenhouses. All of these provides for necessary macro and micro- climate created for the plants in the greenhouses which provides a high -  quality product. More specifically provide the arrangement (bee family) for in greenhouses which will significantly increase...

Presentation of 9 months activities


On 22 October the specialists of Informacional - Consultative Service Centers presented the results  of 9 months  work in Agro Sevice Centers. At the presentation were fully represented  the works  carried out by the approved plan by  all municipalities  in Ajara which was conducted at farmers material - technical support  to farm, - training awareness and to  improve quality, advanced experience-sharing and introduction the new  innovation to the farm. During the presentation, raised a number of interesting questions,...

The specialists visit in the farming


The specialists of Khulo Informational-Consultative Service Center visited in the farming of selected beneficiaries Nugzar Khozrevanidze, Badri Paqsadze, Teimuraz Miqeladze and Badri Papidze in the village Danisparauli. The harvest has been described by the specialists and the farmers got the consultations about the methods of producut storage and preventive measures fall against livestock diseases. It should be noted that this year the amount of the crop is higher than last year. The agricultural news  were introduced to the  farmers.

Business visit to Poland


The director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze was visiting in the Horticultural Greenhouse company ,,Agronom Berries”, in the city Lublin to Poland.  ,,Agrom Berries” is producer company of the berry fruit. The company owns 700 Ha, where strawberry, blueberry and raspberry culture are cultivated.  At the current stage the main priority of the company is given to produce the seedlings of strawberry. In the current year Agro Service Center plans to import the strawberry seedlings from this company and the talks are already underway. The...

The meeting in village Dzirkvadzeebi


 October 8   the  General Director of  Ltd. Mechanization Mr. Zviad Chkhaidze  and the head of  Chaqvi’s branch Mr.Zurab Beridze visited in Khulo municipality. They attended the ongoing Hay Press  process with the employees of Khulo Informational Consultative Service Center in the village Dzirkvadzeebi. This process was implemented at the first time In Khulo municipality  in 2014. At present  15000 Hay are already  pressed in the municipality and these works are in progress.

Presentation in Dioknisi


October 9 in the village Dioknisi the presentation of the Agricultural Service Center was held. The opening ceremony attended by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Josep Abuladze, the Japanese Ambassador to Georgia Toshiu Kaitani, the governer of Khulo municipality Beso Bauchadze and the employees of Khulo informational consultative Service Center and  farmers. the various types of agricultural machinery was given to Agricultural Service Center by the Government of Japan. The centre owns as well the potatoes warehouse, which is equipped with a proper ventilation...

Early Tangerine harvested in Chaqvi Citrus nursery


Today the early tangerine harvested in Chaqvi citrus collective nursey. In the process of picking tangerines participated the head of Ajara government Archil Khabadze, the  Chairman of Supreme Council Avtandil Beridze, the Chearmen of  Agriculture Issues Anzor Tkhilaishvili Deputy Minister of Ajara and the employees of Agro Service Center. There are different varieties of citrus in Chaqvi nursery like as: super early (Iura Vase, Mikho Vase), early(Okicu Vase and etc), and the average early (Taguchi, Ohocu, Miaga Vase) and late varieties (Nova, Sacuma,...

Agro Service Center took a part in EU Cultural Week


EU Cultural week opened on 25 September. The main purpose was the introduction of the European cultural news to the Georgian public. ,, EU Cultural Week "is part of an initiative called" European Culture Factory - 2014 "and implemented by the financial support of the European Union. This initiative is led by the project - "Let's meet together in Europe", which is implementing  one of the EU Delegation Global Communications  in Georgia. Agro service Center was  the participant of the current project. The exhibition was...

Dutch expert in Agro Service Center


Dutch expert of food technologist Mr.Louis Timmermans visits in Agro Service Center. The main purpose of his visit is to introduce modern agriculture service center for fruit drying technology and its experience with the Agro Service specialists. Timmermans has been observed in the fruit dryer  and the nurseries. Agro Service Centre activities and innovations in technology analyst gave a positive assessment of the implementation of the Agro Service Center. Agro Service Centre at the University of Food Technologies in the 2nd year students of Dutch expert...

Chairman of the Supreme Council visiting in Agro Service Centre


Chairman of the Supreme Council Avtandil Beridze, Self-Chairman of the Agricultural Issues Anzor Tkhilaishvili, Deputy Ministers Joseb Abuladze and Zaza Meskhidze and the Members of the Supreme Council visited in Gvara-Khucubani fruit and wine collective nursery.  Mr. Gocha Beridze director of  Agro Service Centre presented the report of its activities to visitors from 9 months.  Chairman of the Supreme Council praised the activity of  Agro Service Center. In addition the visitors visited in Chakvi citrus collective nursery where is currently...

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