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Ongoing MoA programs introduced with farmers


Residents of village Mirveti have been introduced with ongoing MoA (Ministry of Agriculture) programs by the Agro Service Center consultants. Within the frame of “Support of farms’ development“program farmers have been provided with new cultural breeds of Kiwi fruit, Walnut, Persimmon and Bilberry, as well as greenhouse constructions, moto cultivators, bee hives and honey processing equipments. At the present distribution of Defecation Slime is on its way. Special attention of farmers has been paid to the rules of Agro cards usage, which have...

Delivery of defecation slime started in Khelvachauri


Distribution of Defecation slime has started in Khelvachauri municipality. The consultants of Agro Service Center are involved in the process as well. Fertilizers distribution is implemented within the Farming Development Program of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara. Defecation slime is best in regulation of soil acidity, as far as it contains high quantity of different organic fertilizers. 1 ton of slime cost is 79 GEL; however farmer will pay 31.60 Gel only. 

Vaccination against the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) begin in Keda


The employees of Keda Informational-consultative Service Center attend the process of vaccination against the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in Keda Municipality. At the present they have been in village Varjanisi where the specialists of LEPL National food Agency have been providing the cattle with the prophylactic vaccination against the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD). In whole, vaccination of 11 000 cattle owned by the farmers in Keda is planned in April and May of 2014. 

Meeting about the agricultural cooperatives development


The Agro Service Center consultants attend the meeting organized by the Agricultural Cooperative Development Agency, where already registered cooperatives, their function and problems have been discussed. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Avtandil Meskhidze mentioned agricultural cooperatives registered in Ajara within the frame of MOA (Ministry of Agriculture) program while speaking. Besides those cooperatives, one named as “Uchkhiti” has been created by the support of Keda Informational-Consultative Service Center in Keda municipality....

Agro Service Center granted farmer with milking machine


The director of Agro Service Center granted the owner of cattle farm Temur Tchagalidze with the milking machine. Farmer has been granted within the frame of project named as “ENPARD –Ajara Support to the agriculture development in Ajara region”, which aims support to the animal husbandry development in the region. Farmer Tchagalidze owns 10 cows in his farm and gets from 25 to 30 liter of milk from one cow in average; however Tchagalidze plans to expand his business in the nearest future. Within the frame...

Delivery of defecation slime continues


Delivery process of defecation slime continues in Kobuleti. 2 000 tons are already distributed among the farmers within the frame of MOA program. Defecation slime is effective method for improving the fertility of soil as far as the soil in Ajara region is known with its high acidity. In order to neutralize the acidity of soil farmers should use defecation slime once in 10 ten year. Above mentioned program continues and the farmers will be able to get defecation slime till the end of 2014. 

Wine factory to be opened in Keda


Wine Factory will be opened in Keda municipality. The place where the building of new factory begins has been observed by the employee of Keda Informational-Consultative Service Center. The owner of Factory is “Kakhetian Traditional Wine Making” company which purchased the old territory of Keda Wine Factory. According to the contract company has to process 1200-1500 tons of grapes.    Kakhetian Traditional Wine Making” company is one of the biggest wine making company in Georgia, which exports its production in Ukraine and Kazakhstan....

“Uchkhit”got the status of Agricultural Cooperative


Farmers cooperative “Uchkhiti” was created in Qeda municipality by the support of Keda Informational-Consultative Service Center. The cooperative was registered by the Agricultural Cooperative Development Agency. According to the director Manuchar Kakhidze the main fields where the cooperative operates are poultry farming and beekeeping. Cooperative plans to cultivate the nut, persimmon and walnut trees as well. Agricultural cooperatives benefit from tax privileges and their properties are not taxed. The profits and grants got by those cooperatives...

Agrochemical research of soil in Khelvachauri


Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service Center starts agrochemical research of soil in Khelvahcauri municipality. At the present, agro chemist of Agro Service Center made soil analyses at the plots of Zurab Beridze and Birchiko Phutkaradze in village Sameba and Chelta.  After examining nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, humus, density and Ph of soil the specialist provided farmers with the recommendations regarding to the improvement of soil fertility. Agrochemical researches is done by the mobile “LaMotte”...

Agro Service Center report in Supreme Council of Ajara


Director of Agro Service Center introduced report and future plans of organization to the deputies of Supreme Council of Ajara A.R. Among the activities done by the organization is cultivation of Vine and Fruit nursery in Gvara-Khucubani territory, from which farmers will be able to buy new saplings of fruit and vine from 2015. Besides, ASC (Agro Service Center) launched Farmers Informational-Consultative Service Centers in all municipalities of Ajara, where farmers are able to get consultation regarding to the important issues.  The service of soil agrochemical...

Agro Service Center consultants begin monitoring the agricultural machinery park


The consultants of Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service Center observed tractor parks of “Khakhabris Veli” and “Meqanizatori” LTD regarding to the ongoing spring works in the region. According to the Director of “Khakhabris Veli” Tengiz Sirabidze their tractors are in working condition and are ready to serve Kirnati community according to the contract.  As for the “Meqanizatori” tractor park seven tractors from 27 are ready to serve Khelvachauri municipality. Tractors from above mentioned parks will...

The Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences got interested in ASC activities


The president of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Guram Aleqsidze visited ASC (Agro Service Center) and got acquainted with the activities and future plans of organization. He got interested in present situation in agriculture and the role of ASC as well. According to him, The Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences plans to introduce and establish the example of Agro Service Center in other regions of Georgia, in particular in Samegrelo, Shida Qartli and Kakheti. Agro Service Center is the only organization in...

Agrochemical research of soil starts in Keda Municipality


The service of agrochemical research of soil has been started in Keda municipality which gives farmers an opportunity to get agrochemical analyses, as well as recommendations without living a home. Agro chemist of Keda Informational-Consultative Service Center made soil analyses at the plot of Rezo Lortqipanidze in village Vaio and provided him with the concrete recommendations regarding to the fertility of soil, as well as how to take care at crops and soil to increase the productivity. The service of soil agrochemical research has been started in every municipality...

Works about Agro tourism development continue


Working meeting was held between the director of Agro Service Center, the financial managers of Informational-Consultative Service Center and the deputy chief of Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara. The representatives of Agro Service Center provided Mamuka Berdzenishvili, the deputy chief of Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara with recommendations regarding to the agro tourism development. In particular, they discussed English training courses for farmers involved in Ecotourism, as well as creation of united electro base, where all contact info...

ASC consultants attend trainings


ASC (Agro Service Center) consultants attend trainings in extension methology, its strong and weak points. During the two-day-trainings they got acquainted how to teach farmers and plan/implement demonstrative plots. Trainings is held within the frame of USAID program SEAS (Strengthening Extension and Advisory Services in Georgia), which aims to enhance the Qualification of ASC consultants in agricultural sectors and modern technologies. It will help them provide farmers with qualified consultations in order to support improvement of rural incomes and living condition...

Agro Service Center will give assistance to farmers make business projects


Workshop about the organizational and functional development of Agro Service Center was held in Hotel Sheraton. Within the Frame of Agro Service Center strategic development project the organization is to be involved in the process of Farmers cooperatives establishment and development, will provide them with accounting services and make agribusiness and agro touristic projects. Besides, expansion of consultative-informational services is planed as well. MOA (Ministry of Agriculture) strategic plan was discussed at the meeting, which was held within the frame of...

Residents of Batumi got blueberry saplings as well


Within the frame of MOA Program American blueberry saplings has been delivered in Batumi and farmers purchased 500 saplings, each in 1, 65 gels because of co-financing. In total delivery of 7 000 blueberry saplings is planned for the spring, from which 1 000 is for Qobuleti municipality, 2 000 for Khelvachauri, 1000-1000 for Keda and Shuakhevi, 1 500 for Khulo. Distribution of 7 000 blueberry saplings is planned for autumn as well. 

Agro Service Center consultants will provide people employed in tourism business with consultations


The consultants of Agro Service Center will provide owners of guest houses with free consultations regarding to the business improvement. The training named as “tourism in villages and small cities” has been finished today. Within the frame of above mentioned training the consultants got specific knowledge regarding to the improvement of agro tourism in the region. In particular, they learned how to help guest house owners plan and develop their business strategically, what are the minimal and maximal requirements for guest houses, as well as their...

Delivery of Defecation slime mud and bilberry saplings begins


Delivery of Defecation slime and blueberry saplings begins within the frame of MOA (Ministry of Agriculture) programs. At the present 315 tons of mud and 1000 blueberry saplings are delivered among farmers in Qobuleti municipality. Distribution of other perennial fruit tree saplings is planned for the next week. Within the frame of 6 sub programs implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara farmers will be able to purchase Moto cultivators, bee hives, honey filter equipments and greenhouse constructions. Their delivery will be finished till the end of April,...

The financial managers of Agro Service Center will be trained in Ecotourism


From March 6, 2014 special training courses will be conducted for agro service center representatives from all five municipalities in Ajara. The project aims at favoring rural tourism development in the region and is supported by Ajara Ministry of Agriculture, Agro Service Center, Ajara Department of Tourism and Resorts and “ENPARD Ajara- Support to the agriculture Development in Ajara A.R”  program. The trainings will last for 6 days and are focused on theoretical as well as practical aspects. As a result agro service representatives will be...

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