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Qualification equirements for internship


1. 3rd or 4th grade bachalor student, Master or 2014-2016 graduates. 2 Recomendation from dean 3. Student activities 4.CV 5.Foreign languages  6. Word, Excel. PowerPoint 1)  General Agronomy: The competition will be conducted in 2 phases: a) The submission of applications. B) Interview  

Training about vine pruning-formation


Today Teimuraz Gorgiladze held a training in N(N)JP Ageoservice centre about vine pruning-formation. It is known that many of the unpruned vine while growing is developing a long horn, and it is characterized by an uneven crop, low maturity, less sweetness and more acidity; The berries are small and low quality. Pruning helps these disadvantages and chenges it into positive.

Training about chicken growing, feeding and illnesses


The vet consultant of “Association of Future Farmers” Professor Mikheil Chichakua held training for farmers about a chicken growing, feeding and illnesses. 

Training about basics of bio farming


To support the innovations and new technologies in agro sector, today, Giorgi Gabedava held a training in Agroservice centre about basics of organic farming and certification system. 

Agroservice Center announces payed internship


 Agro Service Center announces 6 months payed internship for persons with higher education and / or a student, in total 10 interns in following fields a) the general direction of the agronomy -3 student b) Plant protection -2 student; C) Greenhouse keeping-2 student; D) mechanization -2 student; E)veterinary -1 student; Requirement for participants are:             A) CV;             B)...

Meeting with heads of local association active citizens


Minister of Agriculture of Ajara, Lasha Komakhidze held a meeting with heads of local association active citizens  (AMAG). The meeting was held in conference hall of  hotel Radisson. The meeting was focused on the further development issues of the organization. Total amount of the AMAG within the region is 45, from which: 6 from Keda, 13 from Kobuleti, 4 from Shuakhevi, 15 from Khelvachauri, 7 from Khulo. Total amout of AMAG members is 677 from which 432 are men and 245 women. The meeting attended representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agro...

Practical training for veterinary


Within the Animal health management project, phase 2, practical work for veterinary was held in Chakvi private farm. The topic of the training was “Hoof trimming” and  “Dehorning”.   

Practical and theoretical training for veterinary


Within the project “Animal Health Management in Cross-Border Areas of Armenia and Georgia”-fase II experts held theoretical and practical training for veterinary on the theme; cattle “Hoof trimming” and “Dehorning”. The training attended director of Agroservice Centre Gocha Beridze, as well veterinary and pet technicians.

Meeting with Scientists


Within the memorandum between N(N)JP Agroservice Centre and  Shota Rustaveli State University, scientists  continue researches at Agro Service Center nurseries. They met the Director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze and discussed ongoing process and the future work plan of research. Scientific researches in Agro Service Center nurseries aim identification of most suitable and adaptable varieties of plants for the region. 

The training about fruit pruning and formation was held in Gvara vine and fruit tree nursery of N(N)JP Agroservice Centre


The head of Scientific - Research Center fruit-growering and winegrowing department of the Ministry of Agriculture, professor Zviad Boboqashvili visited Gvara - Khutsubani fruit and vine nursery of AgroService Cente and  acquented ongoing work process there. Boboqashvili held the theoretical and practical training about the fruit formation and fruit pruning in gardens, for Agronomists and farmers.  The training attended minister of agriculture of Ajara, Lasha Komakhidze and Deputy Minister Avtandil Meskhidze.

La encina nursery company representatives visited N(N)JP Agroservice Center vine and fruit tree nursery


Spanish La encina nursery company representatives visited N(N)JP Agroservice Center vine and fruit tree nursery. Minister of agriculture of Ajara region, Lasha Komakhidze and N(N)JP director Gocha Beridze hosted  the guest.  The party’s discussed the fruit growing and plant growing scientific research, as well the joint projects and cooperation. During a visit, the representative of the Spanish nursery company saw Gvara vine and fruit nursery experimental and demonstration base and got acquainted with the ongoing research.

Introducing the demo projects to the farmers within Animal Health Management in Cross-Border Areas of Armenia and Georgia”


N(N)JP Agroservice Centre, within the project " Animal Health Management in Cross-Border Areas of Armenia and Georgia” fase-2", funded by the Austrian Development Agency, invited farmers of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara to learn about the demo projects on the following topics: 1. Nutrition 2. Housing and environment 3. Testing of new forage (ionja) crops 4. Establishment of new vet clinic 5. Early Pregnancy tests Interested farmers will be chosen to continue the...

Memorandum between Agroservice Centre and Aquaculture Development Association "Forejs"


Today, a memorandum was signed between N(N)JP Agroservice Center and N(N)JP Organic Aquaculture Development Association "Forejs". The memorandum includes the development of aquaculture in rural areas, introduction of innovative technologies, fisherman cooperation, fish farming promotion and planning joint projects, as well, any interested person in this industry can get an appropriate advice.

Practical and theoretical training for veterinary


Within the project “Animal Health Management in Cross-Border Areas of Armenia and Georgia”-fase II  experts held theoretical and practical training for veterinary on the theme; cattle reproduction system and physiology” AI technology” Reproduction system diseases (metritis, retained placenta, cystic ovary disease, corpus luteum problem) and Pregnancy check by different methods. The Project is financed by Austrian development Agency and implemented by partnership of the Centre for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) and N(N)JP Agroservice Centre....

Training about walnut plant and care


In N(N)JP Agroservice centre Gvara office, was held a theoretical study, about walnut planting and caring. On the training farmers had opportunity to get introduced with the biological peculiarities of walnut, as well, which species are more common in Georgia, their cultivation and maintenance, the trainer talked about harmful diseases and its control methods The training attended  the head of the extension department of Agroservice Centre, Mirza Suknishvili, also farmers and the workers of agricultural sector.

Possibilities of cooperation between Georgian and Slovak companies in the agricultural field


Today, N(N)LE Agroservice Centre hosted a meeting on a topic: Possibilities of cooperation between Georgian and Slovak companies in the agricultural field. The meeting was held within the ongoing joint project between Slovak Republic, Ministry of Cooperation Development of Georgia, Ministry of Agriculture and Slovak company Agrostud Javorie lfd j. The aim of the project is to raise the qualification of local specialists and farmers in the institutions of Slovak Republic. The director of Agrostud Javorie lfd, Milan Kissel...

Work report of Gvara fruit and vine nursery


N(N)LE  Agroservice Centre workers presented the work report, to the Agroservice Centre director, Gocha Beridze. The achieved results of Agro Service Centre was presented by the members of the nursery. The workers presented agricultural activities and the achieved results. The future plans and material-technical issues were discussed on the meeting. 

Raspberry Greenhouse opens in Agro Service Center


Raspberry Greenhouse, where 3 different breeds of raspberries are cultivated opened in Agro Service Center recently. The raspberry breeds are placed in growbags and pots in demonstrative greenhouse for the introduction to the farmers. Those breeds are known for its profitability and productivity. One sapling gives 3-5kg raspberry harvest a year. According to the research done by the Agro Service Center raspberry is one of the most demanded agricultural product on the market. This is the main reason for opening the demo greenhouse in Kobuleti. Agro Service Center...

Promotion of Ajarian citrus


For the popularization of the region of Ajara, Department of Tourism and Resorts organized a project, where the photographer Leko chkonia, shooted  the region's various locations. One of the topic was the agriculture. The photographer choose the N (N) JP Agro Service Center, chakvi citrus plantations, main attention was paid to the presentation of the local citrus. Taking photos continued 1 day.

The process of cultivation of early citrus orchards is ongoing


Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara is continuing a co-financed sub program, within the cultivation of early citrus orchards. The aim of  sub-program is to cultivate the mandarin gardens, support of  the intensive promotion of technologies, replacement of old, low harvested varieties with  export-oriented high queality production. The goal of the project is to support the local farmers and increase their economical wealth conditions. With the mentioned project will benefit 40 farmers, from Kobuleti and...

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