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Agro Service Center consultants visit farming


The specialists of Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service Center observed farming of Nodar Khinkiladze in village Sharabidzeebi. As farmer stated his corn and vegetable plantation had plant diseases and he addressed Agro Service Center specialists for advice. After examining the above mentioned plants the consultants found various insects in the plantation, however the infected areas were not seen. They provided farmers with consultation regarding to the plant protection and recommended to clean the plantation from the weeds in order to improve the condition.

Agro Service Center consultants continue monitoring process


Agro Service Center consultants continue monitoring plant diseases and agricultural enterprises. At the present they visited villages in Khelvachauri, Urekhi, Pheria, Salibauri, Gantiadi and Makhinjauri in order to discover the quarantine pest, Fall Webworm dissemination areas. However, after observing the plants they determined no infected areas. The specialists of Khelvachauri Informational-Consultative Service Center also attended the tea producing process and got acquainted with the works of Khelvachauri tea factory, where up to 12 tons of tea raw materials...

Examination of plant diseases begins


Agro Service Center consultants along with the specialists of Laboratory Research Center begin examining the perennial and annual plant diseases in order to make disease identification and to improve the production quality. After observing the crops in Khelvachauri municipality they found that tomato, potato and union crops were infected with various types of fungus organisms. Citrus and kiwi fruit plants were infected as well. Agro Service Center and Laboratory Research Center specialists provided farmers with the recommendations regarding to the measures against...

Agro Service Center specialists continue advising farmers


The specialists of Shukhevi Informational-Consultative Service Center attended ongoing spring works in village Zemokhevi and provided the farmers with consultation-recommendations regarding to the vegetable care. Besides, they discussed advantages of eco tourism, farm cooperatives, as well as soil agrochemical research and cattle artificial insemination with residents of Shuakhevi municipality. Agro Service Center consultants held daily meetings with farmers, where up to 7000 person got recommendation-consultations by them so far.

Journalists from central media get acquainted with the Agro Service Center activities during the press tour


20 journalists from leading Georgian media along with the representatives of UNDP and EU visited Farmers Informational Center in Qobuleti on 30 May. Giorgi Misheladze, head of Agricultural Cooperative Development Agency attended the meeting as well. Within the frame of press tour they visited Farmers Informational-Consultative Service Center, Vine and Fruit Nursery and Fruit Consolidation Center. Besides, they attended seminar-presentation held in Agro Service Center conference hall regarding to the agriculture development perspectives, function of cooperatives,...

Rehabilitated buildings of Informational-Consultative Service Centers opened in Mountainous Ajara


Rehabilitated offices of Khulo and Shuakhevi Informational-Consultative Service Centers opened on 29 May. Opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of Ajara A.R Archil Khabadze, The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia Shalva Pipia along with the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara Zaur Phutkaradze, the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  UNDP also signed a long-term agreement with the Agro Service Centre to continue the ongoing cooperation and assistance within the frame of European Neighbourhood...

Agro Service Center consultants met farmers


The specialists of Shuakhevi Informational-Consultative Service Center continue meetings with farmers. At the present, they observed ongoing spring works at the village Paposhvilebi and Gori, where they informed the farmers about the MoA (Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara) Programs and recommended to cultivate innovative plant breeds in their farming. Besides, they discussed the advantages of Farm Cooperatives and fruit and vegetable plant care rules.

Representatives of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council visit Agro Service Center


Representatives of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council got acquainted with Agro Service Center activities. They observed Informational-Consultative Service Center, Fruit drying Mini Enterprise and Vine and Fruit Nursery in Farmers Service Center in Qobuleti. They discussed future plans of Agro Service Center at the meeting as well. Agro Service Center is the only noncommercial organization in Georgia, which supports the agriculture development and introduction of modern technologies. The Delegation visited Agro Service Center within the frame of signed memorandum...

First calf born in Keda as a result of AI


First calf has been born in Keda Municipality as a result of Cattle Artificial Insemination (AI). The specialists of Keda Informational- Consultative Service Center along with the Vet Doctor Vakhtang Beridze examined the calf and provided the farmer Temur Iremadze with the recommendation-consultations regarding to the calves keeping conditions.  Since the AI service has launched in Keda municipality AI specialists intensively cooperate with the farmers. Artificial Insemination is the simple and chip method to improve...

Head of the United Nations Development Programme in Georgia gets acquainted with Agro Service Center Activities


Niels Scott, Head of the United Nations Development Programme visits the Farmers Consultancy Center of Agro Service Center in Kobuleti. He along with the UNDP project and program managers from Georgia, as well as from Armenia and Azerbaijan got acquainted with the activities of Agro Service Center. Besides they observed the Fruit and Vine Nursery of organization, where the elite breeds of vine and fruit are cultivated. Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Zaur Phutkaradze along with the deputy minister Avtandil Meskhidze attended the meeting as well.  

New beehives help farmers increase income and reduce labor


The specialists of Kobuleti Informational-Consultative Service Center begin monitoring process of beehives distributed among farmers within the frame of MoA Program in 2013. They visited farmers living in the villages of Kobuleti Municipality. According to the farmers new beehives help them reduce their labor and increase income, because unlike the old ones they need no warming in winter, which was connected with additional expenses. Besides, the structure of new beehives makes bee keeping easy. More than 400 new beehives were distributed among farmers in Kobuleti...

8 calves born by AI in Kobuleti Municipality


The specialists of Kobuleti Informational- Consultative Service Center observed calves born by AI (Artificial Insemination). They visited the owners living in the villages of Kobuleti and provided them with the recommendation-consultations regarding to the calves keeping conditions.  8 calves, each by weight 20-25 have been born in Kobuleti municipality at the present. According to the specialists farmers are satisfied with the results, because of which demand at AI service usage increases.  AI (Artificial Insemination) service has launched in Agro Service...

Vine and fruit new saplings cultivated in Gvara-Khutsubani nursery


Kiwi fruit, persimmon, olive, pheikhoa, bilberry, pomegranate and walnut new saplings have been cultivated in Gvara-Khutsubany nursery, where the vine and fruit elite varieties given by the National Centre for Grapevine and Fruit tree Planting Propagation of Saguramo were planted in the May of 2013. Besides above mentioned Farmers Information Center is functioning near the nursery, where farmers are able to get qualified consultations about the issues important to them. In order to help farmers in the process of product realization Agro Service Center plans to...

Spring plowing works has been started in Keda Municipality


The consultants of Agro Service Center have been involved in ongoing spring works, which has been started recently in Keda Municipality. They attended plowing works at village Pirveli Maisi. According to “Small Farmer’s Assistance 2014 spring project” all plowing works are done by the LTD “Mechanic”. There farming technique is already distributed in the Municipality to accomplish spring works, considering agro terms. Current agro cards consider only plowing works, which means that other works should be financed and done...

Ongoing MoA programs introduced with farmers


Residents of village Mirveti have been introduced with ongoing MoA (Ministry of Agriculture) programs by the Agro Service Center consultants. Within the frame of “Support of farms’ development“program farmers have been provided with new cultural breeds of Kiwi fruit, Walnut, Persimmon and Bilberry, as well as greenhouse constructions, moto cultivators, bee hives and honey processing equipments. At the present distribution of Defecation Slime is on its way. Special attention of farmers has been paid to the rules of Agro cards usage, which have...

Delivery of defecation slime started in Khelvachauri


Distribution of Defecation slime has started in Khelvachauri municipality. The consultants of Agro Service Center are involved in the process as well. Fertilizers distribution is implemented within the Farming Development Program of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara. Defecation slime is best in regulation of soil acidity, as far as it contains high quantity of different organic fertilizers. 1 ton of slime cost is 79 GEL; however farmer will pay 31.60 Gel only. 

Vaccination against the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) begin in Keda


The employees of Keda Informational-consultative Service Center attend the process of vaccination against the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in Keda Municipality. At the present they have been in village Varjanisi where the specialists of LEPL National food Agency have been providing the cattle with the prophylactic vaccination against the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD). In whole, vaccination of 11 000 cattle owned by the farmers in Keda is planned in April and May of 2014. 

Meeting about the agricultural cooperatives development


The Agro Service Center consultants attend the meeting organized by the Agricultural Cooperative Development Agency, where already registered cooperatives, their function and problems have been discussed. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ajara Avtandil Meskhidze mentioned agricultural cooperatives registered in Ajara within the frame of MOA (Ministry of Agriculture) program while speaking. Besides those cooperatives, one named as “Uchkhiti” has been created by the support of Keda Informational-Consultative Service Center in Keda municipality....

Agro Service Center granted farmer with milking machine


The director of Agro Service Center granted the owner of cattle farm Temur Tchagalidze with the milking machine. Farmer has been granted within the frame of project named as “ENPARD –Ajara Support to the agriculture development in Ajara region”, which aims support to the animal husbandry development in the region. Farmer Tchagalidze owns 10 cows in his farm and gets from 25 to 30 liter of milk from one cow in average; however Tchagalidze plans to expand his business in the nearest future. Within the frame...

Delivery of defecation slime continues


Delivery process of defecation slime continues in Kobuleti. 2 000 tons are already distributed among the farmers within the frame of MOA program. Defecation slime is effective method for improving the fertility of soil as far as the soil in Ajara region is known with its high acidity. In order to neutralize the acidity of soil farmers should use defecation slime once in 10 ten year. Above mentioned program continues and the farmers will be able to get defecation slime till the end of 2014. 

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