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Agro Service Center introduces technological innovation to the farmers


Agro Service Center introduced Grass Fodder Machine to farmers within the frame of agro tour in the Qobuleti Service Center. This kind of Machine is innovation in AjaraRegion; however this technology is widely used in the world. Farmers have been introduced with the function, advantages and potential economical profit of the Fodder Machine. Fodder green grass is a highly effective particularly nutritious feed, which produce 3 times more than protein as compared to conventional green feed. Agro Service Center got the Machine...

Wine House building starts in Ajara


Agro Service Center starts building the Wine House in Qobuleti in order to promote the Georgian wine and develop agribusiness in the region. The guests of Georgia will be able to get acquainted and purchase different kinds of Georgian wine in beautifully decorated wine house where exhibition hall, Georgian wine collection and ethnographic corner will be situated. Besides they will be informed about the agro tourism potential of Ajara in the Wine House Informational Center. For the promotion of wine and food products made by the cooperatives, private enterprises...

The Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara introduces 2015 targeted programs


The Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara made the presentation of 2015 targeted programs in Agro Service Center, which were attended by the Minister of Agriculture of Ajara, the Governor of Qobuleti Municipality, the chairman of Qobuleti Sakrebulo and the employees of Informational- Consultative Service Centers. The goal of presentation was to raise public awareness about the agricultural programs. At the present the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara is implementing 3 programs and 10 subprograms.  Their introduction is planned in each municipalities of Ajara. 

Davit Baqradze visits Agro Service Center


The State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro Atlantic Integration Davit Baqradze visited Agro Service Center and got acquainted with the activities and implemented projects of organization financed by the European Union. The Minister observed the tomato and strawberry greenhouses, the Fruit Processing Mini enterprise, the Fruit and Vine Nursery and the Artificial Insemination station there.  Agro Service Center supports the introduction of modern technologies and agriculture development in Ajara region. For this purpose the organization offers different...

The specialists of Agro Service Center continue the advising for farmers


The specialists of Agro Service Centre held the meeting with the farmers in village Akhalsofeli and Gonio. Thespecialist providedthe farmerswith the consultation-recommendation regarding to the improvement of soil fertility and necessity of agrochemical research of soil.. Agrochemical researches is done by the mobile “LaMotte” laboratory and the price of one analyze is 30 Gel. The above mentioned service is functioning in every municipality of Ajara and in Batumi as well.

Support to the animal husbandry Continues


Within the frame of  ENPARD AJARA Support to Agricultural Development in Ajara region, Agro Service Centre bought new fodder receiever , which is based on the hidroponik system. There are 98 trays in it and  350 kg corn (barley, wheat) are  available to plant. After one week from 1 kg corn,  we can get 8 kg green grass. The mentioned food includes the high emounts of (Food unit, the digestion of protein, carotene, calcium and phosphorus). We can produce this product  during the year. We can replace the following food such as: a hay, straw...

Traning for farmers


In Agro Service Centre held a traning for farmers about plantation of strawberry and tomato in greenhouses using with the new technologies. About 30 owner of greenhouses from Batumi, Khelvachauri and Keda municipality participated in the traning. After that, they observed the greenhouses implemented by ENPARD AJARA supported to Agriculture Development in Ajara. The main goal  was to support  the modern technologies to farmers  for greenhouses.

The farmers were granted with the incubator and feed breaking in Qobuleti


Within the frame of ENPARD AJARA Support to the Agriculture Development in Ajara region the farmers were granted with the new automatic multi - functional incubator based on  microcomputer technology and feed breaking, Universal Family device for livestock by Agro Service Centre. This project aims to develop the poultry and livestock in the region. 

The Minister congratulated New Year with Agro Service Centre


The Agriculture Minister of Ajara Zaur Putkaradze and the deputy ministers visied in Agro Service Centre and congratulated the New Year with all employees.

New Year's present to the farmers


Within the frame of ENPARD AJARA Support to the Agriculture Development in Ajara region the farmers were granted with the new automatic multi - functional incubator based on  microcomputer technology and feed breaking, Universal Family device for livestock by Agro Service Centre. The incubators are equipped with European production of digital electronic temperature and humidity measuring sensors, it is distinguished by stability, reliability, which reduces the time and energy of expenditure, 352 chicken are available to incubate.  The feed breaking is...

Scientists presented the result of the current research works in the nurseries


Within the frame of the memorandum between Shota Rustaveli State University and the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara, the scientists presented the results of the  current  research works in citrus, fruit and wine nurseries of Agro Service Centre. The research process started in August. The main purpose was to study the  labeling and identification of the plants,  phenological observations of plant  growth, the peculiarities of development, maturity dates, and  the adaptation to natural conditions.The project was supported by ENPARD...

One more result of Artificial Insemination in Keda


One more calf has been born in village Tkhmela of Keda municipality, as the result of Artificial Insemination.

New extension service in village Khikhadziri


Within the frame of UNDP Project  opened new Exstension Centre in village Khikhadziri of Khulo municipality where professional specialists can consulting  and traning the up to 900 farmers. The new service will promote the farmers  corrective  and effective activities.  The opening  ceremony was attanded by the deputy Minister of Agriculture Avtandil Meskhidze, director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze and UNDP project manager in Ajara Lasha Komakhidze and the head of UN economic Development team Giorgi Nanobashvili

The new web- page Presentation


Agro Service Center offers to  the  farmers with  a new  web pages. The presentation held in the hotel Sheraton today. All users and farmers will be able to get the desired online  information, which will assist them in practice. Our farmers will be consulting by the professional specialists. The program was implemented by the ENPARD AJARA support to the Agricultural Development in the region of Ajara.

Nepal Delegation visited in Agro Service Centre


The Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara hosted  the Delegation of Nepal.  Two sides  shared their experience to each other. The members of the delegation  observed the fruit and wine nursery in Agro Service Center and introduced the ongoing programs which were supported by UNDP.

The farmer granted with milking machine in village Gantiadi


The director of Agro Service Center Gocha Beridze granted the owner of cattle farm Rezo  Kharabadze with the milking machine. Farmer has been granted  within the frame of project named as  ,,ENPARD - AJARA” Support to the agriculture development in Ajara region” which aims support to the animal husbandry development in the region. The program will continue until 2016. The project was  implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agro Service center, UNDP and the Europian Union. In the future, the  farmers will  reduce  the...

Study tour in Agro Service Center


Within the frame of United Nations Development Program, held the traning tour in Agro Service Center. The professional educational colleges, the Informational Consultative Services of Ministry of Agriculture and Non-governmental organizations participated in tour.  The participants observed the fruit and wine nursery in Agro Service Center and introduced the ongoing programs which were supported by UNDP. The main purpose of the traning tour was to share their experiences in Agriculture and future cooperation.

The first result of Artificial Insemination in Khulo


First  calf of Jersey breed has been born in village Tsabliani of Khulo municipality as a result of cattle Artificial Insemination. AI (Artificial Insemination) service has launched in Agro Service Center within the frame of UNDP program in 2012, it aims to improve cattle breed in the region. AI supports improvement of milk productivity and protection of cattle from various diseases, as far as cows have high immune system as a result of improved breed, which makes them disease resistant. Agro Service Center opened AI services in Khulo and Shuakevi district...

New Strawberry Greenhouse in Agro Service Center


In Gvara-Khucubani fruit and wine collective nursery opened new modern technologies strawberry Greenhouse. New greenhouse is arranged on 480 square meters,  for the future the greenhouse will be  demonstrative function. Today started strawberry planting process. Approximately 10 000 saplings  of San Andreas variety were planted.  The breed is distinguished as a weather change as durability of diseases and pests.  It can be used, as hidden and open soil cultivation. The frut is light red colour, large and  dense.  Harvest...

Citrus tasting in Chakvi nursery


  Regarding to research of citrus varieties, held the  citrus tasting process  in Chakvi citrus nursery. Total citrus samples were taken 29, including 3 orange varieties. The main purpose was to study the varieties of citrus, fruit size, colour, fruit density, thickness, acidity, sweetness, aroma and amount of seed. At the result,  the people have opportunity to know  which varieties are distinguished by special taste quality.  In the tasting process participated the scientists of Anaseuli research institute  Department...

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