Agro Service Center implements demonstration projects for farmers

Agro Service Center commences cultivation of demonstration gardens in mountainous Ajara. Within the frame of ENPARD Ajara Project 6 demonstration projects, which imply cultivation of bilberry and walnut gardens for 6 farmers, 2 in each municipality at 150-300m2 territory, have been implemented. Installation of modern irrigation systems and coverage of soil by the mulch are also planned there.  
The varieties of bilberry and walnut which are planted in the gardens are innovation for the region and demonstration projects are aiming to introduce them with farmers. Installation of irrigation systems and coverage of soil with mulch in plantations are innovation for mountainous region as well.  
Unlike the local varieties bilberries which are planted in the demonstration gardens named as Bluecrop and Legacy are more productive, freeze and drought resistant ones. Beside this, their fruit are tree times bigger in size than the fruit of local ones and one sapling gives 6-9 kg fruits at average.  As for the walnut “Chandler” one sapling gives 40 kg fruits in average.
At the present demonstration gardens in Qeda, Shuakhevi and Khulo have been cultivated and full arrangement of plot will be finished by the end of November.