Specialists of Agro Service Center visit citrus processing and packing enterprises

Specialists of Khelvchauri Informational-Consultative Service Center commence monitoring of citrus fruit processing and packing enterprises, which businessmen purchased from state in symbolic price-1Gel. Specialists visit enterprises in Ortabatumi, Gantiadi and Makhinjauri.

They observe enterprises of Nugzar Surmanidze and Zia Ckhaidze in Ortabatumi, where all facilities for fruit processing have been installed. After that, specialists visited “Citro” LTD in Makhinjauri, where citrus fruit processing and packing enterprise will soon begin operating as far as installation of different equipment is finished. As the co-owner of the company businessman Tengiz Tskhadadze states, according to the received order company plans to export 1500 tons of citrus in Ukraine and 600 tones in Russia, where they already exported 40 tons of persimmon and 20 tons of Pheikhoa at this season. Agro Service Center specialists visited ongoing works in citrus processing and packing enterprise in Gantiadi as well which by the beginning of citrus season will begin operating.