Consultants of Agro Service Center were in Shuakhevi

Consultants of Agro Service Center working within the project financed by UNDP meet farmers in Zemleti and Baratauli. Consultant Shota Lominadze paid special attention to the condition of soil in the region at the meeting.  According to him farmers have to protect soil from erosion and fertilize it by the mineral and organic fertilizers in order to get better harvest in the future. Results and recommendations of agrochemical research of soil, which was done in the region within the targeted program of Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara, give good opportunity to people to fertilize soil as it’s needed. Agro Service Center Consultants in veterinary and zootechnics recommended farmers to use artificial insemination for cattle to improve the breed. They as well provided them with consultations regarding to the importance of making optimal conditions in animal shelters and using preventive measures against the diseases.